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Who are we?

Mobile Certified Lice Technicians with over 8 years experience that provide Head Checks and/or Lice Removal Treatments using all natural non- toxic products. We understand first-hand the emotional and embarrassing pressure you are under to get this lice infestation under control. There's so many options out there, some that work and some that don't. Our process is 100% effective and is backed by a 30 day Guarantee / 2 week follow-up - Supporting you throughout the entire process.

The Process

We are trained & certified lice removal experts with the most effective removal techniques around - No more stress or frustration wondering if you've got every nit & lice bug out of your hair once you've come through us. Below is the process, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up

Head Check

If you think you have Lice but are not quite sure, we provide a "Head-Lice Diagnosis" called a Head Check.

Head checks take about 20 minutes to complete. It is a thorough scalp check performed on-site. If evidence of lice is found, the head check fee will be waived upon a full lice removal treatment.

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Eliminate lice and their eggs with our guaranteed lice removal treatment. Treatment varies from person to person based on cooperation, severity, length and thickness of hair. Average treatment time is roughly 1.75 hours. Boys treatment times are much shorter. Average time for a boy is 30-45 min. Treatments are 100% effective and backed by a 30 day guarantee.

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The best way to keep lice from coming back is with a good treatment, continued use of product/s, a perfectly timed follow up schedule, and a prevention plan to avoid any future lice outbreaks. When you come back for a follow-up we make sure you leave lice-free and satisfied.

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Lice Treatment Family Deal ( 4 + individuals )

This is a package deal for a family of 4 or more with Lice Infestations.

Family Treatment ( 4+)

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